MoneyGold is a global mutual aid fund, financial social network. MoneyGold is not a bank, MoneyGold does not collect your MONEY, MoneyGold is not an online business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MoneyGold is a community where people help each other. MoneyGold has its own website gives you a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE. All transferred BITCOINS to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participate, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. In cases of any matter regarding the topic our online consultants are ready to help and answer all your questions, please contact our  Email Support@MoneyGold.win


The aim of MoneyGold is to encourage and teach people to provide financial help to each other and change in this way the character of financial relations among people throughout the modern world. Unlike charity organizations that offer help to people who got into trouble, MoneyGold promotes mutual help - everybody is helped and everybody helps. It paves the way to a more humane and fair society.


MoneyGold is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. We use BITCOIN infrastructure in our transactions.

In MoneyGold you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In MoneyGold there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help - another one helps.

The only thing that MoneyGold demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it.

In their transactions MoneyGold participants operate with BITCOINS. It is the best possible way to organize smooth transfers between participants from different countries. Like BITCOIN causes revolution in financial relations, so MoneyGold causes revolution in social relations between people. This combination of MoneyGold and BITCOIN ideas of fair and free financial system makes possible for us to establish significant changes in modern world.


MoneyGold there is no central account, where all participants’ money accumulates  (and where it can be stolen). All the money is distributed between the participants themselves! On a lot of thousands and millions accounts. Participants transfer BITCOINS directly to each other, without intermediaries! It means that everything is quite clear and transparent. MoneyGold plays the role of the operator that helps to establish the contact between the participants.

I.e. the System completely belongs to people. It is a real mutual aid fund, where ordinary people help each other.

The idea is "Today you help someone, and tomorrow someone will help you".

Banks are supposed to be a source of financial help for their depositors, but in today's world that rarely happens. Without perfect credit and a large income, banks don't want anything to do with you.

In the conventional banking system, a person can only withdraw the amount of money in their own bank account. You has $300 in the bank. You can't simply take out $400 from the bank, even though the bank has David $2,000 and Albert $3,000 which would cover You withdrawal amount.

But you can take out a loan. The bank can loan out up to many times all the funds deposited there to anyone, and the bank profits from the interest.

If the bank can take David, Albert, and more of its clients' money and give it to You as a loan, why can't You simply ask David or Albert for financial aid?

Yes, You can ask... but David and Albert will likely say no, even if they know Your. And You probably doesn't know who has extra money that could accommodate his needs anyway.

Even if David has $2,000 that he won't use for the next couple of month he unlikely to give it to You, because You can't guarantee that you pay the money back when David needs it.

That's what MoneyGold is for.

With MoneyGold, if David helps You with $300 You doesn't have to promise to pay David back.

Because on MoneyGold, whenever you provide help to someone today you have the Community Request that you can rely on them whenever you need financial help in the future.

So anytime David needs financial help after he helped You, he can request it and the system will assign a financial helper to David.

It could be You, or Albert, or any of the millions of MoneyGold community members.

MoneyGold is not a bank or a company that take deposits. MoneyGold is simply a platform where participants can exchange financial help directly.

So if you provide help to someone else, whenever you need financial help millions of MoneyGold community members will offer you the help you need, with no requirement for you to pay it back.


MoneyGold has no financial accounts and thus has no need in legal registration.

MoneyGold is the community, the social network, where people, who are willing to help each other voluntarily, can register and leave their contact information. Thus, the members of the MoneyGold Community have no financial relationship with the Community itself, but only with each other. That is why MoneyGold is not a subject of legal relations, and so the MoneyGold Community cannot be illegal. With regard to the legality of its participants’ activity, it can be qualified as an act of gracious donation. Giving money by one participant to another one is not prohibited by either international or local legal systems. The right for gift giving - is one of the main forms of realization of the right for private property. MoneyGold Community advocates for citizens’ strict observance of their countries’ legislation.


Any person of legal age is able to join the MoneyGold Community. There is absolutely equal attitude to members of different age and social groups, work status and political backgrounds, countries and religions. The Community doesn’t contrast people against each other and doesn’t act on the principle of “divide and conquer”. Everyone contributes to the common good. The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid enriching themselves at the expense of others.


MoneyGold is the Community where people trust and help each other. That’s why it uses a principle - “only one account for one person”. Accordingly, each participant should have own unique bank account or Bitcoin address. If you use the same Bitcoin address with other people it means you give them access to your money at any moment!

If you are a beginner and still haven’t understood all functions of your Personal Office (PO) you can make your manager your control confidant to help you with your account. Never share your PO email & password. It’s for your security to follow the descriptions below.

In case when Your account is blocked for the suspicious activity you should write to SUPPORT attaching the photo or scan of ID in order to confirm your identity. Besides, the We can request the video record explaining all the situation. In case the participant didn’t violate the rules there’s nothing to worry about. He will be unblocked and the block won’t affect his money growth in any way.

The absence of multi-accounts (when one person registers in the system several times) - is the key to dynamic and sustainable development of the Community in the future. The one who creates multiple accounts, and in this way tries to obtain additional, not provided in the rules bonuses - deceives their colleagues and friends, and in the end - themselves. Such frauds will be blocked once and for all and immediately expelled from our community! We need only honest people in the community who change the world for the better!


Token is a tax currency used in MoneyGold community, where people can buy and sell token within themselves thus providing the users to use it as an incentivise unit to grow the community. Each token is worth about $3 US dollars.

In order to Provide Help you need to purchase a token from website: MoneyGold.win


Normally it will be within 15 to 30 days. Depending on the frequency of each Provide help / Get help. There is no specific timeframe but a typical 1 cycle should be within a month.


The amount you can Provide help is $75, $150, $300, & $600 per Provide help / Get help cycle.


Personal Office is the personalized section of the site, available for registered members. The Personal Office displays information related to membership in the Community, it’s possible to get, provide and confirm help, to enter and edit your personal contact details, to register newcomers and manage their PO, to select a referrer and a manager, to have support from consultants, to enter into a direct relationship with the recipient or assistance provider, adjust the time of providing/getting help, etc. You provide assistance to other participants only through Personal Office (PO)

The most frequently visited sections of the PO are Dashboard where you can find the information part of all operations, and bonus, where you can get acquainted with the current status and expectable growth of the funds on your account. Particular attention should be paid to the accuracy of filling in the “BlockChain Wellet” section. In case of blocking of your PO due to violations of the rules, the only available operation remains is to contact support in order to learn the cause of the blockage and the conditions of its withdrawal.


A referrer is a participant of the Community who invited another participant. A referral is someone who was invited. If you registered a new participant, then you’re a referrer, and he is your referral. In PO in the section “TREE MEMBER”, you can see the list of your referrals (there may be many of them). Any newcomer who came through your referral link will be directed to the registration page of MoneyGold website, your referral link be found in PO in “Profile Info” section. To place your referral link on other Internet resources you must copy it in the body of the message.


The referral link "URL Invite" is the invite’s analogue, but it is more convenient to attract new members through the Internet. A person coming to the system through your referral link will be automatically redirected to MoneyGold register page. After registering he automatically becomes your referral. Afterwards, you can receive referral bonuses from all contributions he/she makes. The referral link can be found in PO in the “Profile Info” section.

All you need to do - is to click “Copy” and introduce it on the internet resources


Spreading MoneyGold ideas and inviting new members to the Community is your additional contribution to the development of the Community. Nobody forces participants to invite beginners, however understanding that the Community exists due to the development pushes many participants to take active position. Finish Manager’s School, become a manager and hold seminars or home presentations, conduct charity actions, lead webinars and thematic blogs. Create your own large structure getting Referral and Manager’s bonuses for that. At the same time, you’ll make your own contribution to the development of the Community MoneyGold Global.